New Rules & Manual

Two documents have been added to the website and are available below. The first lists the new rules for the 2019-20 season; the second describes uniform requirements for the upcoming season.

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New Instructional Videos

I have 3 videos for training purposes:

Line Judge Training
This LJ training video is best I’ve found to share with officials. The one thing it doesn’t show in the beginning is the “ready position.” The ready position should have 2 hands on the flag held in front of the hips. Dominant hand on the handle and the other hand at the tip-end of the flag.

Pre-match R1-LJ Conference
This video is how an R1 does pre-match conference with Line Judges. If adults are to be used, R1’s will still have to talk to them prior to match.

Correct use of Hands for signaling “numbers” between R1/R2
Every official needs to watch and practice along with this video.

These will be sent out to All officials prior to season. I’ve requested CIAC send LJ video to ADs/Coaches at each school incase they decide to use adults.


Jim Borbas
State Rules Interpreter

Clarification on a Signal change and new rule this season

1.  When ball goes under the net BETWEEN THE POLES, we will now be pointing to the Center Line with appropriate Index finger for “line violation.” This is now same as college and USAV.  IF the ball lands on the center line, it is signal “IN.”
2.  11.5.3 – Teams may warm up between sets on their half of court in their playable area. That includes in front of the attack line. If a team is not warming up on their court, then old rule still applies:  teams must stay beyond their attack line and sub zone areas.  IMPORTANT:  any random balls that go under the net due to warm up activity – let the players figure out getting their ball back or not. IF an activity or drill is constantly sending balls to the opponents side during set interval, then R2 will need to say something to the coach. (Rule 13)
Last, keep your pre-match conference to 1 minute and your line judge instructions to 5 minutes.
Be mindful that we have been hired to service these schools, our clients. And we should do as much as possible to want us back again and again!
Have a great first week!!
James Borbas
CBVO Official
State Rules Interpreter

Due to Excessive Heat

1.  Please call schools to confirm matches still ON
2.  Bring an old towel for floor incase non available, plus a small towel for yourself!!
3.  Bring water and a snack for between JV & V matches. Stay hydrated. It’s ok to use rest room between sets if necessary.
4.  GIVE EACH TEAM EXTRA TIME IF NEEDED!!  Meaning… more than 3 minutes between sets and more than 60 sec time outs – say 75 or 90 sec. Discuss this with your partner and coaches before pre-match conference.
5.  We must be conscious of the conditions to keep everyone competitive and safe!
6.  If an official is feeling light headed…don’t wait to take an officials time out and call your partner over especially if you are on the stand. Get down immediately! IF one official must continue the match alone…then so be it. Talk to coaches. When you are feeling better…get back in to the R2 position.
7.  Be flexible and use Rule 13 – Common Sense!
James Borbas
CBVO Official
State Rules Interpreter