Important Dates

  • New Members' Training
    • July 21 Day 1: Basics of volleyball, Officials’ responsibilities
      July 23 Day 2: Teams, Rosters, Equipment, Serving
      July 28 Day 3: Play, Subs, Conduct
      July 30 Day 4: Protocol, Officials Manual, Review old test questions
    • (We will conduct four Rules-based sessions, via Zoom.  The topics and dates are listed below.  There will be additional mechanics-based sessions, which will be conducted in-person, if permissible.  If in-person sessions are not possible, additional Zoom sessions may be conducted for mechanics review.)
  • Girls' Preseason Meeting: TBA
  • First Practice Date: Aug 27
  • First Contest: Sept 10
  • Last Date to Count for Tournament: Nov 5
  • State Finals:  TBA
  • Annual Meeting: TBA

Become an official

To learn more about becoming a volleyball official in Connecticut, click HERE.

Training Update: NFHS Center Extended to 7/31

Given the shutdown of the state and the uncertainty with what will be happening in the upcoming weeks and months, the spring training sessions previously announced have been cancelled.

Several online training resources have recently been announced:

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Learning Center is offering FREE selected officiating courses until July 31. These same courses are perfect for those interested in becoming an volleyball official! Take advantage of this opportunity to sharpen your officiating skills without spending a dime. Specifically, two free volleyball officiating courses are “Officiating Volleyball: Alignment” and “Officiating Volleyball: Ball Handling“.  You will need to register for a NFHS account if you do not have one already, login using that account, then choose the course(s).  The courses will be free upon checkout.

The Alignment course provides the basics of player positioning and alignment, common serve-receive and receiving team positions, and tools and techniques for recognizing illegal alignments.

The Ball Handling course gives an overview of tips and techniques that officials need to make correct ball handling calls. Video examples of various contacts by each position are provided to assist officials in visually identifying ball handling faults. This course teaches and shows the difference between legal and illegal contacts, helping officials be more consistent in their ball handling calls

NFHS Learning Center also has other general officiating courses that may be of interest to CBVO members.