New Member Welcome

Welcome to the Connecticut Board of Volleyball Officials.  CBVO is the training and assigning board for high schools in the Litchfield, Hartford and Tolland counties.  To begin the process of applying for membership, we want to be clear on the requirements and expectations and help you through the process.

Once you are a accepted, you must:

  • Complete a series of classes in July/August concerning rules and procedures
    • July 21 Day 1: Basics of volleyball, Officials’ responsibilities
      July 23 Day 2: Teams, Rosters, Equipment, Serving
      July 28 Day 3: Play, Subs, Conduct
      July 30 Day 4: Protocol, Officials Manual, Review old test questions

    • We will conduct four Rules-based sessions, via Zoom.  The topics and dates are listed below.  There will be additional mechanics-based sessions, which will be conducted in-person, if permissible.  If in-person sessions are not possible, additional Zoom sessions may be conducted for mechanics review.
  • Pass a floor exam
  • Purchase uniform and equipment
  • Attend an interpretation meeting  (end of Aug)
  • Attend an end of the year meeting (Nov)
  • Pay assigner fees (8%)

Dues Due Feb 1

Dues for the 2019-20 Volleyball season are due on Feb 1.  Send your $100 check to:

Heleen Maloy
CBVO Treasurer
218 S. East Rd.
New Hartford, CT  06057