Dues Due Feb 1

Dues for the 2019-20 Volleyball season are due on Feb 1.  Send your $100 check to:

Heleen Maloy
CBVO Treasurer
218 S. East Rd.
New Hartford, CT  06057

2018 EOS Meeting Agenda

CBVO Northern Board
Manor Inn Restaurant
Nov. 11, 2018
 1. Make sure you vote for the Sportsmanship Award
 2. Gloria – Treasurer’s Report
 3.  Candy – Heather
 4.  Elections
 5. Tournament
 6.  Compliments and Concerns
         A.  Compliments
                Dedication — Many officials coming to watch volleyball on their days off
                                     Officials going out of their way to help newer officials
         B.  Concerns
                Tardiness — Officials still coming late to matches. They should be their at least 45 min before the starting time.
                We need to have patience with players and coaches.  Preventive officiating.  Please be more diplomatic.
                Being more compassionate  with the newer officials.  Remember when you were in their shoes!
                SHIRTS—- Come on guys. Clean, pressed, no raveled edges, or spots,or holes. Get a new one if needed.  They don’t last more than a couple of years.
7.  New Business — Recruitment
8.  Volleyball Hall of Fame —  Congratulations GLORIA  BELLUCCI  Dinner is Nov 20 at the Aqua Turf
9. Sportsmanship Award
10.  Winners of the elections
11. Attendance
12.  Fall Meeting,  Aug 27.  Mark your calenders
13.  Let’s Eat !!!

EOS Meeting Nov 11

The End of Season dinner / meeting will be held at The Manor Inn (click for directions), located in Milldale/Southington.
Date:  Sunday – November 11, 2018
Time:  5:00 PM
Also, this is an election year for officers of the Executive Board:
  • Chairperson / Co-Chairperson
  • Assistant Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Scheduling Coordinator (s)
If interested in running for any of the positions, please send a letter of intent via email to Rosie DellaVentura (Secretary), so as she can send to the rest of the members of the executive board.
Any questions, feel free to contact Rosie DellaVentura (Secretary)
Rosie DellaVentura

Assigning Fees

A number of officials are sending me checks. Remember, anything scheduled by me would have the 8% applicable scheduling fee. I schedule the earlier rounds of the state tourney. That is why I am surprised anyone has sent me their second payment. The matches that Marie schedules for the state tournament DO NOT have a fee attached. Marie is compensated directly by the CIAC.

For your benefit I am giving you the instructions on how to figure out your 8%. You can do it the old fashioned way of adding all your matches up or :

Go on Arbiter, go to REPORTS on the left, Hit SCHEDULE, then put the date range you worked, then go to EXPORT FORMAT and put in EXCEL WOKSHEET FORMAT (xls), then hit PRINT PREVIEW, if you look at the bottom right hand corner you will get the amount that you should have been paid. Multiply it by 8% and subtract the amount that you have already paid ( if you did). You will then have the balance owed to me.

I hope you all enjoy the final weeks of the season. There are some great matches coming up. If you are not scheduled it is an opportunity to see some very good volleyball.

I look forward to seeing you all at the banquet.

Thanks for all your assistance throughout the season. Heather