2023 2nd & 3rd Year Training

The following is the expected plan for the instruction of all 2nd and 3rd year officials on our high school board.

¬†June 22 will be the date of our one in-class meeting. The meeting will run 2-3 hours and we will cover advanced topics. These topics include but are not limited to…
  • Positioning and movement as an r2
  • Providing help as r2
  • Interactions with coaches
  • Tips and tricks to help learn rotations including a detailed explanation of the most common serve recieve patters and why teams use them.
  • Learning how to track the setter effectively as R1
  • How to distinguish net play:reaching over, back row attach, back row block
  • Scanning sequence
  • Helping to resolve issues of scoring
This meeting is mandatory. 
The next six weeks, East Hartford boys league will run. The estimated days of the league are Monday and Wednesday. These dates are subject to change. 2nd and 3rd year officials are expected to attend and complete three full days of the boys league where they will receive on court feedback.
Officials will be looked at as R1, R2, scorer, libero tracker and line judges. Other officials past their 3rd year looking for higher level instruction are also welcome.
This would also be a good site to officially rate these referees for their yearly assessment.
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