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New for ’19: Lines people and 00s

Two things to be aware of that must be understood throughout the state:

1) Beginning this 2019 season, teams were supposed to be compliant with uniform having #0 and not #00 per rule update. However, there will be a handful of schools that are not. I am granting those schools a waiver until 2020 or their next purchase cycle. Two schools I am aware of is Kennedy-Waterbury and Watertown. If you come across any other schools with this issue, please email me the school name and ask the coach to please email me as well. TY.

2) New CIAC Girls VB Line Judge Policy – possible issues
“Students are prohibited from being line judges for Varsity contests only.” An 18 year old student in the school is still prohibited. Line judges are not required. Home school may provide two adults or two paid line judges if they desire. If only one line judge shows up and not the other, then no line judges will be used. If line judges are not in gym on time for meeting with R1 prior to start of first set, then they will not be allowed to do lines. If one line judge (or coach) says that the second line judge is running late and will be there in time for 2nd set, tell them sorry but they will not to be used. Both line judges must be in gym like officials (hopefully 30 min prior to start time) to meet with R1 to go over expectations and facility rules. If one or both are late and do not conference with R1 prior to first set, then line judges should not be allowed.

With regards to JV matches – It is the HOME team’s prerogative to use or not use line judges for JV matches regardless of what the visiting coach wants. Here’s what I see happening (having been a coach) – Why would a Varsity coach put V players on the corners if they aren’t required? I would want my varsity players with the rest of their mates bonding or doing prematch routines. There still is the possibility that student helpers, managers, etc., may be used for lines for JV contests.

R1/R2 Expectations

Now that you are in the swing of things I just wanted to wish you all a great season. In addition a few newer officials have asked me about their responsibilities on the court. For review, if you are listed to do both a JV and Varsity match it is listed on Arbiter as what your responsibility is during the VARSITY match. If you are R2 during the VARSITY match, you will be the R1 during the JV. This is the way it is identified because it is necessary to link JV and Varsity in the system so that 4 officials do not get assigned. Next, if you are assigned to work with your mentor and you are doing the JV match ONLY, I would like you to be the R2. I expect you to stay for a minimum of 2 sets of the Varsity match afterwards. I want you watching and asking questions! I put a lot of effort into assigning those matches by hand and I want you to take advantage of this opportunity to pick the brains of your mentors.
That’s it for now!