Important Dates

  • New Members' Training
    • July 21 Day 1: Basics of volleyball, Officials’ responsibilities
      July 23 Day 2: Teams, Rosters, Equipment, Serving
      July 28 Day 3: Play, Subs, Conduct
      July 30 Day 4: Protocol, Officials Manual, Review old test questions
    • (We will conduct four Rules-based sessions, via Zoom.  The topics and dates are listed below.  There will be additional mechanics-based sessions, which will be conducted in-person, if permissible.  If in-person sessions are not possible, additional Zoom sessions may be conducted for mechanics review.)
  • Girls' Preseason Meeting: TBA
  • First Practice Date: Aug 27
  • First Contest: Sept 10
  • Last Date to Count for Tournament: Nov 5
  • State Finals:  TBA
  • Annual Meeting: TBA

Become an official

To learn more about becoming a volleyball official in Connecticut, click HERE.

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