2018 EXAM

The exam MUST be completed by Aug. 21. Please do not procrastinate. You are able to save it up to 10x and go back to complete it. A passing score is 80. If you have taken it online previously all you need to do is go to the site: http://exams.nfhs.org-click on sign in and put in your username & password- sign in-click on volleyball exam. If this is your first time taking the exam online, then you will need to create an account- go to the site: http://exams.nfhs.org- fill in your username, email address ( same as what you use for Arbiter), create a password- fill in you personal info- under State Association Information fill in as follows: Primary State: Connecticut, Alternate State Association: LEAVE BLANK, State Lic/Id No,:LEAVE BLANK, Local Affiliation:NORTHERN, click create user and you are good to go……Good Luck!

I’ve attached a copy that you can print HERE for your convenience.    Heather