R1/R2 Expectations

Now that you are in the swing of things I just wanted to wish you all a great season. In addition a few newer officials have asked me about their responsibilities on the court. For review, if you are listed to do both a JV and Varsity match it is listed on Arbiter as what your responsibility is during the VARSITY match. If you are R2 during the VARSITY match, you will be the R1 during the JV. This is the way it is identified because it is necessary to link JV and Varsity in the system so that 4 officials do not get assigned. Next, if you are assigned to work with your mentor and you are doing the JV match ONLY, I would like you to be the R2. I expect you to stay for a minimum of 2 sets of the Varsity match afterwards. I want you watching and asking questions! I put a lot of effort into assigning those matches by hand and I want you to take advantage of this opportunity to pick the brains of your mentors.
That’s it for now!

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