Check your availability!

Please begin entering your blocks for the 2018-2019 season and check off when you are ready.  I will be entering the schedules as early as August 1st.  Remember, the more complete your calendar is, the easier it is on all of us.

2018 EXAM

The exam MUST be completed by Aug. 21. Please do not procrastinate. You are able to save it up to 10x and go back to complete it. A passing score is 80. If you have taken it online previously all you need to do is go to the site: on sign in and put in your username & password- sign in-click on volleyball exam. If this is your first time taking the exam online, then you will need to create an account- go to the site: fill in your username, email address ( same as what you use for Arbiter), create a password- fill in you personal info- under State Association Information fill in as follows: Primary State: Connecticut, Alternate State Association: LEAVE BLANK, State Lic/Id No,:LEAVE BLANK, Local Affiliation:NORTHERN, click create user and you are good to go……Good Luck!

I’ve attached a copy that you can print HERE for your convenience.    Heather